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Source 2006 findings

February 03, 2023 — mv

Source 2006 hasn't recieved any updates by Valve since December 3th 2009 however that doesn't stop people from loving it, including myself. For example, there's a semi-active community keeping the Garry's Mod 9 spirit alive over at

While they are many great mods made for Source 2006, we are not going over those in this post. Rather what I've found and made in it.

Custom Maps dialog

Nearly the same as Bonus Maps dialog from Source 2007 and Portal but not completed for unknown reasons. Despite the engine accessing files of same name with the extensions .txt and .tga, it doesn't use them like you'd see in Bonus Maps, I've made resources to make it somewhat usable: Screenshot of Custom Maps dialog with custom-made patches


DLLs from newer engines on 2006

It's possible to grab the following DLLs from newer versions of Source SDK Base, copy to SDK Base 2006 and still have the game be playable.

bsppack.dll unitlib.dll haptics.dll soundsystem.dll scenefilecache.dll vtex.dll

Haven't tried the same with reverse but I'm pretty sure it'd break if you were to do that.

Other DLLs seem to crash or have an interesting result, take a look at stdshader_dx9.dll from a newer version of the engine when copied to SDK2006:

A mess.

Sprays in Singleplayer

There's a hardcoded limit in engine.dll to not allow spraying if maxplayers is set to 1, this also occurs in newer versions of Source.

I've made a patch to workaround that issue. Why? Why not!: Demostration of the patch Patching is relatively easy: Screenshot of hex editor

Or if you are lazy or incapable of using a hex editor such as HxD, i've uploaded the patch here: engine.dll

I've taken inspiration from TEAM JBMOD for this one, if it weren't for them I wouldn't have done this.

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